FAE/Friends of the Asian Elephant. The Worlds First Elephant Hospital.

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A description of our group and important information,
please take a minute to read.
Thank you.

To support Soraida Salwala, Founder of Friends of the Asian Elephant,
The Worlds First Elephant Hospital, Thailand and her patients.
By Jody Stickney

Soraida Salwala opened the World’s First Asian Elephant Hospital in Lampang, Thailand in 1993 to treat elephants that are ill or injured as a result of work, abuse or neglect. To date, she and her staff have treated over 3,600 elephants for everything from eye infections to knife wounds, gunshot wounds, broken bones, drug addictions, contaminated soil.
FAE also designed and made the pre-prosthetic limbs for Mosha and Motala, the survivors of landmine accidents, the real prosthetic legs are then made by The Prostheses Foundation.

To any new members, I advise you to look through the ‘Photos’ and ‘Files’ at the top of the page to learn more about FAE…not all of the information is there, but it will give you an idea.
Thanks for joining!
By Greg Hetrick

One of the unique qualities of the FAE/Friends of Asian Elephant group is the unparalleled access to what is happening at the FAE hospital, its patients and its staff. Having this level of access requires all of the group members to assume a higher level of responsibility in posting, commenting, tagging and sharing.

It is important to note Friends of The Asian Elephant Hospital is working to influence and improve the elephant culture in Thailand, but must also work within the current culture to establish and maintain the trust and confidence of Elephant Owners and Mahouts. This established trust is important to ensure the Hospital is able to meet their immediate goal of treating sick and injured elephants. Owners and Mahouts must feel comfortable in bringing the elephants to the hospital.
Discussing Religions and beliefs on FAE page
could cause troubles.

Although only group members may post at this site, the FAE group is an open group, meaning that all of the posts and comments are public, and may be read by anyone. To ensure FAE is able to continue to treat sick and injured elephants, please be conscious of this relationship when posting and commenting. Posts and comments that may be detrimental to the FAE’s relationship with Owners and Mahouts will be deleted. Please understand that it isn’t personal, just a necessary step to protect FAE’s role in elephant care.

In the same light, please refrain from tagging FAE’s pictures. Tagging other organizations or people in FAE’s pictures, or vice versa, can create confusion between organizations and may increase the likelihood FAE is associated with comments or photographs that could damage their reputation.

Knowing that we all want the best for FAE, I thank you in advance for your understanding and thoughtfulness in content when posting and commenting.



Pray for Queenie!

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please act!

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The Elephant Sanctuary of Tennessee

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On this day in 1995, Tarra became the first resident of The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Tarra was born in the wild in Burma, and, at just six months of age, was separated from her mother and shipped to the United States. Tarra spent the next 21 years entertaining and ultimately educating the public – for 2 years at a California tire store under the name Fluffie, and then for 19 years in circuses, zoos, amusement parks, and in television and movies. As the founding elephant at The Sanctuary, she now serves as the “welcome wagon”, greeting new arrivals to the Asian barn and helping to make them feel at home. When she is not out exploring her habitat and visiting with Misty, Dulary, Sissy, and Winkie, Tarra can most often be found spending time with her closest friend, Shirley. Watch these two friends dealing with a case of spring fever here: http://youtu.be/djOYyrxgcN0

Also on this day, nine years ago, Flora became the third African elephant and the twelfth resident to arrive at The Sanctuary. Flora was orphaned at the age of two as a result of a culling of her family herd. After being shipped to the U.S. and trained, she was purchased by David Balding and became the headlining act in his show named after her, Circus Flora. In 2001, David began the search to find Flora a new home, having realized that she no longer enjoyed the life of a circus performer. In 2004, she joined Tange and Zula in our newly constructed African habitat. Flora now spends her days socializing with Tange, exploring her habitat, and knocking down trees! Click here to see her in action: http://youtu.be/MRDOC-zbz1A

Elephants Never Forget

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Cute Sleepy head!

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Cute Sleepy head!

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